Cells and Modules Price Sourcing Methodology

Since 2008, Owned and Operated by Daksh Energy Systems has developed a network of cells and module manufacturing companies in the world – specially in India / China /Europe/Taiwan/Thailand/ Vietnam/ Malaysia and so on,

We average out the prices from these multiple contributors until the final price range is clear to us, they all contribute with reliable price information who all believe that accurate transparency is in the best interest for all Buyers and Sellers.

We evaluate the reliability of price information contributors and take an average price of all of them and then publish it.

We also weekly try to get their sales and purchase contracts to eliminate the doubts and improve our judgmental decisions but we still feel its not 100% right as most of the Solar Companies like to keep their business contracts private and don’t disclose their prices, companies name, date , etc… beside also some companies could provide with false documents ,so in our opinion discovering the prices of privately traded solar PV Components remains the best along with our 12 years of EXPERIENCES and NETWORK and contacting manufacturers and dealers in all the countries help us arrive at most accurate average prices.