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Solar Cells














Solar Cells

Solar CellA PV cell or a solar cell is the smallest semi-conducting element that produces electricity from sunlight. Each cell is made of silicon and is treated so that when the light...



EVA Sheets

EVA SOLARCAP™ EVA film is made by Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.After curing, their characteristics have strong adhension, low shrinking, high transmission and excellent UV stability.



Back Sheets

Back Sheet & GlassThe solar cell back sheet is the outermost layer of the PV module. The PV back sheet is designed to protect the inner components of the module, specifically the photovoltaic cells and electrical..




Solar Modules

Solar ModulesA solar panel (photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged interconnected assembly of solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications.



SealentsSolar Sealant, a pumpable sealant, allows solar module manufacturers to significantly improve performance, while reducing overall production costs. The sealant consists of a foamable, single component reactive thermosetting compound that allows an optimum cavity fill to be achieved without any overflow ...


Junction Box

Solar in SchoolsSolar junction boxes are important components in solar systems. They provide the electrical interconnections between the modules and protect the cells from damage. They contribute significantly to the high performance and long service life of such installations. High life expectancy ...



Glass & Aluminium Frames

Solar ModulesSolar glass is the combination of solar and glass technologies. Glass windows coated with a low-emittance (low-E) coating block radiant heat transfer. This lowers the amount of heat that passes through a window. Depending on energy needs, different types of low-E coatings allow for high, moderate, or low solar gains. Solar glass is often used to lower energy costs.

Low-E coatings are nearly invisible, and made up of layers of metal or metallic oxide on a glass surface. The coating is transparent to visible light. In layered glazing, heat can be transferred between panes of glass, from warmer to cooler. Putting a low-E coated pane in the space...



Solar India Electric Fencing

Solar FencingWhen an animal or human being comes into contact with the electric Fence, they receive a sharp, short, painful but safe electric shock. The shock does not cause any physical damage. The electric fence acts as a strong psychological barrier as any intruder avoid coming into contact with the electric Fence once they experience the shock. After a period of conditioning, the mere presence of the fence acts as an effective barrier even if it is not powered 'ON'.

Solar Electric fence systems have varied application in Agriculture, Industrial and Forestry Or Plantation sectors and With increasing crime in urban areas, this proven technology ...



Solar India in Schools & Colleges

Solar in SchoolsBe a part of our special initiatives drive specially designed for corporate who can get Great Returns on investments made towards the NATION building & Working towards a cause by helping Schools & Colleges with FREE Solar Street / Class lights and indirectly help our Nation develop in larger and many ways.

  • Colleges can come forward
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